Unique Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents | Top Picks From SiamMandalay

Searching for good gifts for older parents? Look no further than SiamMandalay’s variety of puzzle toys.

The term “puzzle toy” might conjure up images of primary colored blocks for children, but it’s far broader. Today’s puzzle toys are refined and could easily double as decorative items. Puzzle toys are good gift ideas for elderly parents because they provide ample mental stimulation.

Maturity comes with wonderful qualities such as wisdom, clarity, and insight. Unfortunately, people of advanced age are also susceptible to conditions like Alzheimers and Dementia. Those of us with mature parents know too well the fear of watching our loved ones lose cognitive function. Numerous studies have proven that puzzles and games are invaluable in keeping older minds sharp and staving off degenerative brain diseases.

Ready to fight the negative effects of aging in a fun and engaging way? We’ve compiled a list of our top ten unique gift ideas that will help keep your elderly parents sharp for years to come!

Remember how when you were young your parents used to lock the liquor cabinet to keep you out? Oh, how the tables have turned! With their favourite bottle of Chardonnay trapped inside an intricate monkeypod wood puzzle, your parents must tap into their skill, patience and determination! This puzzle boasts a difficulty level of three, but rest assured, nobody will stop until the wine is freed. As a bonus, two generations can imbibe and celebrate their success making this a truly unique gift idea for parents.

Buy Wine Challenge - $46.99

It’s high noon! Leave your six-shooter at home and come armed with your wits. The object of this colourful and mentally challenging game is to guide the red sun from its starting position to a hole at the bottom, “setting it” and solving the puzzle.

Buy Setting Sun - $15.99

A timeless 3D puzzle toy, the Serpent Cube is designed by local artisans from Monkeypod wood using fair trade policies, so it’s as globally responsible as it is lovely. Find the snake’s tail and turn the blocks according to the arrows in order to solve the puzzle. This puzzle toy is a great gift idea for elderly parents because it works their motor skills as much as it works their minds!

Buy Serpent Cube - $14.99

Jailbreak! Inside the intricately linked wooden bars, a prisoner awaits release. Figure out how the notched pieces are connected and free the ball inside. After you’ve deciphered the puzzle you can reconstruct the cage and trap the ball again, where it will wait until next time! Strategy and dexterity are key to solving this puzzle, keeping players on the top of their mental and physical game.

Buy Balls In a Cage - $26.99

Ancient Key easily doubles as an elegant decoration. Lovingly hand-crafted of fine monkeypod wood, it’s a puzzle that has delighted generations and remains a cherished example of the finest craftsmanship and composition.

All seven pieces of the polycube puzzle fit together to form the Ancient Key; a combination of pins and holes that you must solve in order to dismantle the puzzle. Can you solve it? The bigger challenge lies in putting the Ancient Key back together!

Buy Ancient Key - $16.99

Hand-crafted pieces of monkeypod wood come together cleverly to fit this diamond-shaped puzzle. The smooth surface offers very little indication of where to begin, designating it at a level three difficulty. Its distinctive design makes this a neat puzzle that requires ambition and patience.

A unique gift idea for parents, the Brilliant Diamond challenges them to think outside the box and really work their intellect and problem-solving skills.

Buy Brilliant Diamond - $20.99

Ball in a Cage’s big brother! Double Lock-A-Ball is the maximum security joint. Good luck releasing the ball trapped inside. This creatively crafted puzzle is larger than most and requires persistence and smarts to decode. Once you’ve conquered Double Lock-A-Ball, it’s time to send that ball back up the river! When you’re not playing, Double Lock-A-Ball’s complex architecture makes for a lovely ornament in your home.

Buy Double Lock-A-Ball - $22.99

Get lost in hours of fun with the Bermuda Triangle puzzle. The objective is to remove the smaller triangles from the center and try to position them so each colored dot is next to the same color on a different piece. With sixteen triangles in total, cracking the code is no easy feat. Play alone or combine forces with a partner.

The Bermuda Triangle is a classic brainteaser that really gets the mental juices flowing!

Buy Bermuda Triangle - $17.99

The time-honored tradition of a friendly competition of Tic-Tac-Toe gets elevated, literally, in this 3D puzzle. It’s a very good gift for older parents because they get the added benefit of socialization with you. 3D opens up new options for scoring three X’s or O’s in a row and makes for a more formidable battle than old 2D Tic-Tac-Toe. Make the most of your time together with a little amicable rivalry and fun!

Buy Mini 3D Tic-Tac-Toe - 13.99

Stylish, portable and carved from magnificent monkeypod wood, the Shooting Star is a cool little puzzle toy that requires a shrewd mind and a nimble hand. Dismantling is daunting, reassembling is a head-scratcher but when you do get it back together, it makes for a heavenly celestial accent.

Buy Shooting Star - $14.99

Puzzle toys are useful and unique gift ideas for parents.

Pick your favorite from the list above and delight and surprise your elderly parents. They’ll have lots of fun engaging in the games and their brains and motor skills will flourish and stay healthy.