Remarkable corporate & executive gifts with tailored branding, international distribution, and personalized private label and packaging.

Promotional Gifting

For us, remarkable design is a pre-requisite, and a commitment at the heart of everything we do. Our years of experience insure we can execute your personalized packaged products and ship them promptly, safely, and cost-effectively – anywhere in the world.

To maintain our integrity we keep our manufacturing local, our workshop constantly buzzing with the murmur of masters at their craft. All our raw material is harvested in a completely eco-friendly process from premium, pre-farmed, Monkey Pod trees. We carve from Monkey Pod, due to its fast growing, robust nature.

Each item is sanded and filed by hand for eye-catching detail.

All corporate and promotional gifts go through a rigorous quality control process, with each and every piece meticulously inspected. All our wooden puzzles are sourced from rural Thailand, where pieces have been made for generations by master craftsmen– every piece is consistently high quality, time-after-time.


If you are interested in a more involved relationship, SiamMandalay offers a complete product development and customization service. You can use our experienced and skilled team to make your dream product a reality.

Customize with tailored silkscreen and laser-engraving or develop your envisioned designs, made to order. Customize any piece with your brand or logo – no matter the intricacy. Laser engraving and silk-screening is tailored to our corporate gift and wholesale patrons, you can modify and style to your specifications.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic as policy, SiamMandalay stays clear of the inferior results provided by ink marks, heat transfers, synthetics and toxic glues. Laser engraving and silk-screening ensures the piece will be a lasting advert and promotion, without degrading the surface.