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Several ways to enjoy this charming wooden game. 

  • Play 8-ball

8-ball is a standard pool hall game that requires a full set of fifteen billiard balls. Rack the balls with the triangle alternating solid and striped balls along the perimiter of the rack. Place the black "8-Ball" into the center of the triangle. The first ball scored is that player's assigned ball, so it will either be stripped or solid. Each player must shoot in their assigned balls until they reach the 8-ball. The first player to pocket the 8-ball wins. Don't forget to call your shot!

  • Play Straight pool

In straight pool, players can hit balls in any order and any type. Players are awarded a point for each ball they score in and play to a set amount of points like 50. Different rules exist for this game. Players can play a "shot calling" rule where the point only counts when ball and pocket are called. Players can also disregard this rule and play that every ball counts.

  • Play 3-Ball

3-Ball is a quick game that counts the amount of shots rather than the amount of points. 3 random balls are set-up in a triangle pattern. A player shoots until all of the balls are pocketed and keeps track of how many shots it takes. The next player must then try to get all 3 balls in using fewer shots. The player with the least amount of shots is declared the winner.

  • Play One-Pocket

One-Pocket is a game for two players or two teams, where each player or team can only score in one of the two corner pockets at the end of the table, while the other player or team can only score into the other corner pocket. The other four pockets are neutral pockets, and any balls pocketed in a neutral pocket are spotted at the end of the shooter's, or team's inning. There is no requirement to call your shot in One-Pocket billiards, and there is no special order or significance to any numbered object balls. The first player or team to legally sink eight balls into their own pocket wins the game, whether they pocket their game-winning ball by their own shot, or as a result of their opponent's shot.

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  • Dimensions: 12.5" x 8" x 2.5"