How to Play Backgammon Board Game & Strategy for Beginners

Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games. It is a simple game with an amazingly complicated strategy. This post will teach you how to play backgammon game, games rules, strategies, tips, and tricks to win the game!

What is Backgammon?

Board games have been played by many over the centuries. But most people do not know what is the backgammon board game. Backgammon is a strategy game like chess and checkers that consist of two players. The object of the game is to get all of your game pieces (chips or checkers) from one side to the other before your opponent.

How to Play Backgammon

The setting up of the board is easy. The backgammon board has 12 triangles (or pointers) and four areas. Every triangle is numbered from 1 to 24. Each player has two dices and a dice cup and 15 checkers (black and red). The checkers are placed as they normally do with two checkers on point 24, 3 on point 8 and 5 on point 13.

To start the game each player rolls one dice each. The player with the higher number makes the first move.

Each player rolls two dice to begin playing. The next step the basic backgammon rules for beginners on now moving your checker pieces.

Once you have rolled the dice (e.g., number rolled was 1 & 5). Each checker can be moved one dice number move or one checker can move both dice numbered moves combined (e.g., move 1 checker over and another 5, or move one checker 6 moves over). The checkers can also be moved twice.

All movement of the players checker is in a ‘horseshoe’ movement from the beginning side (quadrant 1) to the opposite side.

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Other Basic Backgammon Rules for Beginners

A special move in the basic backgammon rules is called ‘doubles’. If a player rolls doubles (e.g., 2 & 2) you are able to do the same move twice over, which gives the player the ability to move one checker twice four times, or four checkers twice one time.

One rule of thumb when moving your pieces, if a player lands on an opponent's triangle, the checker cannot land on it if the opponent’s checkers have two or more chips on it.

How to Win at Backgammon

Winning the game can be accomplished if done with the right backgammon strategy for beginners.

A common strategy used is called ‘hitting’. This strategy helps to prevent the opposing player by delaying their checker moves. When a player lands their checker on their opponent’s triangle and the opponent only has one chip, you can ‘hit’ it and take their checker onto the ‘bar’ located in the middle of the backgammon board. A great recommendation is to try to not leave any checkers alone as to avoid your own checkers from being hit.

If you have a checker piece on the bar, you cannot move anymore checkers until one of the triangles is unoccupied. This is commonly referred to as ‘re-entering’. If you cannot move, then you lose a turn. Keep in mind you would want to make sure you have a clear space in the first quadrant as soon as possible to be able to prepare for setbacks such as these.

Finally, to officially win the game you must have all 15 checkers on the opposite side. To win, you must then try to get your checkers off the board before your opponent does. Once you do, you have successfully won! These are some backgammon tips and tricks that are helpful for all beginners.

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