Baan Dek Dee: How You Can Help – Share, Pin & Like

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This holiday Season, as some of you may know, SiamMandalay are donating a portion of all sales towards Baan Dek Dee in the #PuzzlesforPromise campaign.

Donations and purchases are not the only way you can help.

By sharing, liking, tweeting and pinning you are actively making the children of Baan Dek Dee lives better by raising awareness and showing support. We and Baan Dek Dee appreciate your participation in any form.

The Goals

The main aim of #PuzzlesforPromise was to help Baan Dek Dee move to a newer, larger facility. The orphanage has to meet regulation in order to stay open and the only way this can be achieved it by developing on a new plot. Their current plot is currently up for sale, and there is a deadline upon which they have to move out - approximately 18 months from now.

Luckily, Manop has been working hard behind the scenes for some time and already has a plot of land lined up. 

Furthermore, good hearted donors have helped raise a substantial portion required, but there is still much to do. The hard part for Manop, Dta and the Baan Dek Dee supporting team is keeping the foundation running, while saving enough to buy a plot.

Land costs are not as expensive as North America and Europe, but they are still a huge challenge for hand-to-mouth organisations like Baan Dek Dee. Approximately $100 will purchase about 4 SQM, which seems fantastic, but Baan Dek Dee need a large facility and are required to raise around $150,000 to get a plot that meets regulation.

Generating the sort of money required is an uphill struggle and probably an unrealistic task for SiamMandalay to do alone, but we feel we can help the children in other ways, by raising awareness and supporting in the maintenance of the foundation.

Raising money is hard at the best of times, but especially when your organisation relies on donations for funding. This becomes near impossible, when you have 30 children that need to be fed, clothed and driven to school.

We understand that raising huge sums isn't practical, but small tokens go a long way. We are directly working with and supporting Baan Dek Dee and any positive action makes a legitimate difference. 

$20 could possibly last week, doing the 8KM drive too school and back every day.

How you can help:

There are a number of ways you guys can help with this project, namely with direct donations to:

But also sharing, pinning and liking #PuzzlesforPromise on Twitter goes a long way.