Shooting Star Puzzle Solution | Rules & How to Play

Do you want to know how to solve the shooting star puzzle? Check out our easy to follow instruction guide and solution video.

What is a star puzzle?

The star puzzle is a wooden three-dimensional puzzle with interlocking pieces that requires the player to first take apart the wooden star puzzle and then put it back together. The puzzle is made up of six pieces. Each piece is identical and can be assembled to make a star shape.

The story of the puzzle goes back to a small village in ancient India. On the eve of his wedding, a poor young farmer discovered that he had the ability to fly. He soared to the heavens and found a shooting star that would be the perfect wedding gift for his bride.

On his way down, he dropped the star and it shattered into pieces. He had to put his gift back together, and thus the puzzle of the shooting star was born. Players must put together the puzzle in the same way the Indian farmer had to reassemble his shooting star.

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Rules for the Shooting Star Puzzle

The rules of the wooden star puzzle are simple. The object is to take the puzzle apart and then put it back together. It sounds easy but can be quite challenging.

How to Solve the Shooting Star Puzzle

The star puzzle solution can be challenging, but with practice you can learn how to solve star puzzle.

First, you will need to take the puzzle apart. If the puzzle is new, the pieces may be stiff and difficult to move. You may need to wrap it against a table a few times to loosen the pieces. To disassemble, begin by holding on to two of the piece on either side of the star, one with each hand.

Pull gently and the star should fall apart. You may need to make a slight twisting motion in opposite directions with each hand to loosen the pieces.

You now have six pieces. Each piece is the same size and shape. One side of each piece is flat and the other side is made up of three pyramids, a larger pyramid and two smaller ones on either side.

To reassemble the star, you will put three pieces together and three more pieces together, and bring the two sets together to make the final star shape. Assembling the star piece by piece is much more challenging than doing three and three.

Take the first piece and lay it flat on the table or floor in front of you.

Take the second piece and hold it vertically. Make sure the pyramid side is facing the pyramids of the first shape. Connect the space between the lower pyramids to the space between the back two pyramids of the piece on the table.

Take the third piece and hold horizontally so that the pyramids face you. Insert onto the back of the piece you have built, using the space between the left and middle pyramids.

You have now completed the first figure. Set aside.

Take the fourth piece and place it on the surface in front of you, pyramid side up. The end point should be facing you.

Take the fifth piece and hold it vertically. Make sure the pyramids are facing the piece on the table. Connect the two pieces using the spaces between the back and bottom pyramids on each piece.

Take the sixth and final piece and hold it horizontally with the pyramids facing the piece on the table. Insert it into the figure so that the space between the pyramid on the left and the pyramid in the middle connects into the empty space on the vertical piece.

You now have two figures and are ready to put the star together. Rotate the last figure you assembled clockwise until there is a piece on top that is pointing at the figure that you first assembled.

Slide it in and move it slightly to the right and then to the left until the piece are interlocked.

You now know how to put together wooden star puzzle.