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North Carolina Cutting Board


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SiamMandalay's North Carolina state-shaped cutting board is made from a 100% sustainably crafted Monkey-pod wood. The front side has a laser engraved star, to represent the capital on the back the date they were admitted to the the union.

The gift-to-give to every patriot. Our cheese boards are unique and highly-personalized gift that can commemorate a special time and place and available in 2 sizes.

SiamMandalay's signature state-shaped chopping boards are distinctively designed on Monkeypod woods hued tones. Every chopping board is handcrafted by artisans, drawn, scaled and cut to reflect the true curvature of all 50 state borderlines. 

Our boards are made of strong, Monkeypod wood, 3/4-inch thick, and glossed with non-toxic wax. The monkeypod wood is organically grown in managed forests, an ecologically responsible alternative to the clear cutting of old growth forests. 

Everything we offer has been envisioned and crafted by a small group of talented artisans. We are motivated by our people, and each one’s commitment to get results the right way; ethically and efficiently.

Every single piece helps our local communities, from children’s homes and orphanage’s to local schools.

North Carolina Cheese Board: 19” x 8” x 1"