The origins of SiamMandalay’s peg puzzles games are shrouded in a cloud of mystery. All we know is that were designed in Paris or Persia by Pelisson or a prisone – so we think we are on to something.

To stay in tune with our peg puzzles age-old history we encapsulate this rustic, ancient charm on every piece. Hand carved on handsome chumcha wood.

As with many ancient puzzles, the story of their origin is shrouded in a cloud of mystery. One of the myths is that solitaire was invented by Pelisson a French mathematician, to entertain King Louis XIV. Another is that it was devised by a French nobleman who was imprisoned in Bastille.

The August edition of the French literary magazine Mercure Galant contained a description of the board, rules and sample problems in 1967 – this is the first time on record that solitaire had mentioned.