5 Famous Star Puzzles from SiamMandalay

5 Famous Star Puzzles from SiamMandalay

1. Shooting Star Puzzle

SiamMandalay's Shooting Star puzzle is a classic all-time favorite for everyone. It consists of 6 handcrafted wooden pieces which are not exactly identical. This 2.5" puzzle is not really difficult to be reassembled. If you are looking for a unique gift, This puzzle is perfect for both kids and adults.


2. Asterisk Puzzle

With its unique structure, this eye-catching Asterisk puzzle consists of 24 small wooden pieces! If you pull the right piece, this star will explode. This puzzle will surely create a lot of fun. It will brighten up your office by only placing it on your tabletop.


3. Blooming Star Puzzle

Unlike other star puzzles which is usually 2.5-3", Blooming Star puzzle is 3.5" which makes it firmly fit in your hands. This 3D star puzzle is solid. It is made up of 6 identical pieces which can be assembled to make a star shape.


4. Galactic Puzzle

Born in the space, this Galactic puzzle looks outstanding among all the stars. It is a mechanical interlocking puzzle that will test you genius. Its edges were trimmed carefully by our skillful craftsmen to make sure it will not cause any harm to all puzzle lovers.

5. Pulsar Puzzle

This spinning Pulsar puzzle consists of 6 wooden pieces. Do not be intrigue by its beautiful shape. This puzzle can release electromagnetic radiation that you may find yourself unable to do anything else unless you finish reassembling it! 

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12 Fun Holiday Gifts for Board Game and Puzzle Lovers

5 Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

1. Wine Bottle Puzzle

Wine Bottle Puzzle

As an enthusiast of puzzles, there is nothing more exciting than encountering a challenging puzzle that can unlock your way into enjoying a brilliant brain teaser. How great can it be to lock a bottle of wine in a puzzle box that can only be opened by creativity and imagination? Well, a wine bottle puzzle creates this kind of unique experience.

To make the experience fun, you can have your family or friends wrestle with the puzzle. Sitting back because you have the solution makes the fellowship with friends and family more exciting. Once someone creatively hacks the puzzle, it will be a delight for the whole team and yourself to enjoy the spoils of the win. A wooden wine puzzle is a great gift anytime you want to offer a wine bottle to your esteemed clients, family, or friends.

2. Wooden Powder Keg Puzzle

Wooden Powder Keg Puzzle

A wooden Powder keg puzzle is a simple yet elegant gift you can offer a loved one. The puzzle contains different handcrafted pieces that fit into one piece when they are assembled together. The wooden puzzle is made from sustainably harvested wood to offer a great challenge to anyone who delights in a tough puzzle. This gift is great for a single player who likes to play with interlocking games.

The goal of the powder keg is to take it all apart and put it back together. In ancient China, minerals were used for medicine, until one of the minerals was used to create gunpowder. This began the development of weapons, rockets, and ballistics. The powder keg puzzle will help you to be creative to develop your secret weapon.

3. Brilliant Diamond Interlock

Brilliant Diamond Interlock

The diamond interlock puzzle is one of the best gifts for puzzle lovers because it can help you stay occupied in your free time. If you are stressed, you can also keep your mind focused on it to stay calm and collected. To solve this brilliant puzzle, you need to be skilled and patient. If you harness these two tools, you can enjoy assembling the pieces together many more times. Since the game is handcrafted and can be played in coffee shops and even cafes, you can easily attract a conversation with a stranger while you are struggling with the puzzle.

Although the wooden brain puzzle is not even close to a diamond ring, a puzzle enthusiast will fall in love with the challenge it offers. This is not an easy puzzle to crack, you will exercise your fingers, develop intelligence and grow more patient.

4. Ancient Key

Ancient Cube

This is a deck ornament that is a great addition in your office as much as it is among the best puzzle gifts. The handmade wooden puzzle is designed to be an assembly of 7 pieces of polycubes, where each polycube mounts on another piece using pins to form the ancient key. Your task is to find the ancient key to unlock the cube. The cube has difficulty levels just like the other puzzles we have looked at. The ancient key puzzle will help you to improve your mental capabilities.

5. Serpent Cube Puzzle

Ancient CubeThe serpent cube puzzle is a hand curved premium masterpiece that is made from high-quality wood. If you want the perfect gift for your young one or you want to have one of the best game gifts for adults, then this amazing brain teaser is what you need. The challenge is for you to follow the arrows, twist the blocks in the desired direction and solve the slithering puzzle.

7 Gifts for Board Game Lovers

1. Chess



In Chess, two players engage in a board game that has 64 squares, with 16 white pieces for one player, and 16 black pieces for the other player. The goal of Chess is to get the opponent’s king. Since capturing the king is offensive, a player always makes a ‘check’ move. This makes the opposite player move the king to get out of check. This is an interesting game that engages the mind.

2. Monopoly



This is a board game that is played by 2 to 8 players. The objective of Monopoly is for a player to own lots of lands and to become the richest player in the game. Although the rules of all Monopoly editions are the same, there are alternative rules that can be formulated. For example, players can agree that landing on the “Go” will allow you to collect $400 instead of $200.

3. Scrabble


In Scrabble, a maximum of 4 players can enjoy the game. As a player, your objective is to score more points as you place words on the board. Scrabble is one of the best board games where each word carries a value. It is a fun game to play with your family and friends. You can gain points in various ways, through a double letter, triple word, double word, and other types of word combinations.

4. Risk



The main objective of playing Risk is to conquer the world by eliminating your opponents and taking over all the territories. On the battles you engage on, you need to plan and make bold moves by being quick at decision making. You need to plan your attack and defences wisely against your enemies.

5. Settlers of Catan


This game is a combination of managing resources and strategy. To earn victory points, you need to use the correct materials to build roads and houses. The luck that the dice brings in while you play will play a role in the resources you will get to build roads and settlements. You will then be able to purchase special cards or other materials for your building projects.

6. Clue

Settler of Catan

If you are interested in playing a detective series board game, then Clue is a great choice. 3 to 6 players are tasked to figure out 3 aspects of a murder: the murder weapon, the location, and the murderer. Each player does this by moving their characters around the mansion to gather evidence.

7. Ticket to Ride

Settler of Catan

In this game, players collect cards of different train cars and then use them to claim North American railway routes. To earn points, you have to take longer routes. You can get extra points when you fulfil goal cards or destination tickets that connect cities. Players who build the longest routes also earn more points.

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How Do You Play Checkers Game: Basic Rules and How to Win

Checkers game is one of the most strategy games played universally. Learning what is checkers game is imperative when you’re trying to learn to play checkers. Checkers is a two-player tabletop board game, sometimes referred to as English Draughts, which is similar to games that have been around for thousands of years. In fact, game boards resembling modern checkers boards have been discovered by archaeologists unearthing remains in Ur and have been dated back to 3,000 B.C. References to these games can be found in the writings of Plato, Homer, and Queen Hatasu.
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How to Play Color Sudoku: Rules and Tips to Solve the Puzzle

What is Sudoku Puzzle?

You've probably heard of Sudoku, the popular Japanese game of numbers in boxes that became a worldwide sensation, appearing in newspapers all over the world. Now it's time to try the Sudoku color puzzle wooden board game, which uses the same principles - a series of 3x3 grids which, put together, create one large 9x9 square. However, this board game takes numbers out of the equation altogether, replacing them with bright colors.

Benefits of Sudoku

If you've never played Sudoku, you might find it confusing and difficult at first. However, it's important to stick with it! Scientific research has shown that there a number of benefits of Sudoku. Specifically, it trains your brain in the same way that physical exercise trains your muscles.

Playing Sudoku can help improve your memory, logic and concentration. Amazingly, it also reduces your chances of developing Alzheimers as you grow older. Keeping an active brain is essential, and this is a great way to achieve that. Plus, Sudoku can make you feel happy! What more reasons do you need?

What are the rules of Sudoku

The rules of Sudoku puzzles are remarkably simple. You have a large, 9x9 grid that is divided into nine 3x3 squares. You also have 81 colored balls, nine of each color.

* Each color must appear exactly once in every row, column and 3x3 square.

* A color cannot go into any cell if the same color already appears in that row, column or square.

* Diagonal lines don't count - you need to pay attention only to the 3x3 squares, the horizontal rows and the vertical columns.

How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

If you've given it a go and you're still not sure how to solve Sudoku puzzles, here are some ideas that will help you get started.

First, it's very important to pay attention to the set-up. A game of Sudoku always has only one solution, and there should be no guesswork involved. Every step of the game follows logically on from the previous step. So look carefully at the initial set-up of the board - if you make a mistake here, you're guaranteed to have an extremely frustrating experience!

When you first start playing with a Sudoku color puzzle wooden game, you might find it extremely difficult. It's worth looking at a color Sudoku solver online if you get truly stumped. This can help you figure out how to solve the puzzles better the next time you play.

Sudoku Color Puzzle Wooden Board Game Tips and Tricks

For a good Sudoku color technique, it's important to take things slowly. This isn't a game that you will win immediately - you will have to revisit the same squares over and over, gradually adding more pieces to the puzzle before you finally uncover the solution. Of course, this only adds to the sense of satisfaction you feel when you win! Here are some tips to get you started:

First, look for cells in which only one color can fit. You have nine colors: brown, white, green, blue, pink, yellow, red, grey and purple. So if one square contains eight of those colors, it is easy to identify which ball should go in the final cell.

Of course, the game isn't always so simple! You will have to look laterally, comparing columns, squares and rows as you go. It's a good idea to work by process of elimination. A single green cell means that you can eliminate green as a possibility from all the cells in that column, row and square. Now look for other colors that can be eliminated, and you might find that you're left with only one choice.

Look in particular for columns or rows with only two empty cells, and therefore two color options. You may be able to eliminate one possibility based on interactions with intersecting lines and squares, making the solution clear.

Take it slow, and remember to keep going back - every cell that you successful fill means more clues for the remaining cells. Good luck!

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How to Play Tangram Puzzles and The Solutions to Solve it

Have you ever wondered what is a tangram puzzle and how to solve it? This article shows you how to play tangram puzzles, the rules and solutions to solve the wooden tangram puzzle. Let's explore new fun ways to work with shapes!

What is a Tangram Puzzle?

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Wooden Slide Puzzle: Setting Sun Puzzle Solution and Answers

The Object of the Game

This puzzle doesn't seem to have much to it. At first glance, all you see are ten sliding pieces in varying sizes. The goal of this puzzle is to get the one red piece, which is meant to represent the sun, to the bottom of the board in order to move through the slot. This, in turn, will create the effect of the setting of the sun! It may seem like a simple task, however, it can become pretty frustrating. For those needing some help, please view the next section below which will include the sun puzzle answers.

Setting Sun Puzzle Solution

What makes the setting sun puzzle hard to solve is the fact that the pieces are not all the same in size. In order to figure out the setting sun puzzle solution, one must turn to mathematics and visual problem-solving. The piece that represents the sun is double the size of the smaller pieces, making it a 2x2 block. This is what makes the puzzle difficult to figure out. The way to figure out the solution is by taking simple steps to move the sun closer to its goal.

  1. Move the center black piece all the way to the right from its starting position.

  2. Now that you have moved the black piece, this has opened up room to move the two yellow pieces that were underneath it. Move the first one up and to the left.

  3. Move the second yellow piece up to where it is underneath the sun.

  4. Next, move the black piece that is now at the bottom left all the way to the right.

  5. Now, you can move the yellow pieces to fit where the black piece was positioned in the previous step.

  6. The black tile should now be moved to the left of the board.

  7. The two yellow pieces should now be moved. The first one should be moved up and to the right with the next yellow piece being moved up. You should now have a gap directly beneath it.

  8. You can now slide the black piece to the right to fit into the gap.

  9. Next, move the bottom yellow piece to the right and the other downwards.

  10. You can now freely move the black piece down one.

  11. Move the two yellow pieces all the way to the left, then move the two bottom black pieces up.

  12. You should now have a gap at the bottom right. Slide the two yellow pieces to the right to fit into the gap.

  13. Slide the black piece down one. Then move the yellow piece down and to the left so that there are two yellow pieces on top of one another.

  14. Now, you can move the two black tiles to the left. Afterward, move the next black tile down to fit next to them.

  15. Yay! Now, you can move the sun to the right.

  1. Move the black piece up, while sliding the other two to the left position.

  2. You can now move the bottom yellow pieces upwards to sit beside the black tile.

  3. Now, slide the bottom black tile all the way to the right.

  4. Then, move the yellow pieces to the very bottom.

  5. Slide the middle black tiles over.

  6. Slide the bottom yellow piece to the left and up one.

  7. You can now move the black tile up one.

  8. Move both of the yellow pieces to the right.

  9. Afterwards, move the two black tiles down.

  10. Slide both yellow pieces to the right.

  11. You can now move the black tile up one.

  12. Move the yellow tile that is on the bottom left up one. Then, move it to the right.

  13. Next, move one of the black tiles to the right, leaving a gap between the two.

  14. Slide both the yellow and black tiles downwards.

  15. Move the uppermost black tile to the right.Then move both yellow and black pieces to fit in its place.

  16. Now, you can move the yellow piece left and up.

  17. Move the two black tiles downwards.

  18. Slide the yellow tile at the top to the right. Then, move the black and yellow tiles to fit beside it.

  19. Slide one of the bottom black pieces to the left, then slide the other black tiles to fit in between.

  20. Move the yellow to the right and up one.

  21. Slide the black piece down and the yellow ones to fit on top of it.

  22. Use the gap to slide the black piece upwards.

  23. Move the black to the left.

  24. Move the top yellow tile to the left, then down.

  25. Use the gap to move both the sun and the black tile downwards.

  26. Slide both yellow tiles right.

  27. Move the four black tiles upward. Then, move both the yellow tiles to the left.

  28. You can now move the sun and the black town down.

  29. Slide the yellow piece to fit underneath the other.

  30. Move both black pieces to the right.

  31. Now, move the black tile up one.

  32. Slide the sun and the black tile left.

  33. You should now have the sun in middle of the board. Move the two yellow pieces downwards. Then, move all the black pieces to the right.

  34. Now move the remaining black tile to fit next to the others.

  35. Move the sun left one. Next, move the bottom yellow tile left and up to sit next to the sun.

  36. Move the last black tile upwards. Then slide both the yellow pieces underneath it.

  37. The sun can now be moved down. Then, slide both the yellow pieces again to fit on top of it.

  38. Move the black tile up one. Now, move the yellow piece up and to the right so that it fits directly above the other yellow piece.

  39. You can now move the sun to the middle position and through the gap in the board!

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How to Play Backgammon Board Game & Strategy for Beginners

How to Play Backgammon Board Game & Strategy for Beginners

Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games. It is a simple game with an amazingly complicated strategy. This post will teach you how to play backgammon game, games rules, strategies, tips, and tricks to win the game!

What is Backgammon Board Game

Board games have been played by many over the centuries. But most people do not know what is the backgammon board game. Backgammon is a strategy game like chess and checkers that consist of two players. The object of the game is to get all of your game pieces (chips or checkers) from one side to the other before your opponent.

How to Play Backgammon Game

The setting up of the board is easy. The backgammon board has 12 triangles (or pointers) and four areas. Every triangle is numbered from 1 to 24. Each player has two dices and a dice cup and 15 checkers (black and red). The checkers are placed as they normally do with two checkers on point 24, 3 on point 8 and 5 on point 13.

To start the game each player rolls one dice each. The player with the higher number makes the first move.

Each player rolls two dice to begin playing. The next step the basic backgammon rules for beginners on now moving your checker pieces.

Once you have rolled the dice (e.g number rolled was 1 & 5). Each checker can be moved one dice number move or one checker can move both dice numbered moves combined (e.g move 1 checker over and another 5,or, move one checker 6 moves over). The checkers can also be moved twice.

All movement of the players checker is in a ‘horseshoe’ movement from the beginning side (quadrant 1) to the opposite side.

Other Basic Backgammon Rules for Beginners


A special move in the basic backgammon rules is called ‘doubles’. If a player rolls doubles (e.g 2 & 2) you are able to do the same move twice over, which gives the player the ability to move one checker twice four times, or four checkers twice one time.

One rule of thumb when moving your pieces, if a player lands on an opponents triangle, the checker cannot land on it if the opponent’s checkers have two or more chips on it.

How to Win at Backgammon

Winning the game can be accomplished if done with the right backgammon strategy for beginners.

A common strategy used is called ‘hitting’. This strategy helps to prevent the opposing player by delaying their checker moves. When a player lands their checker on their opponent’s triangle and the opponent only has one chip, you can ‘hit’ it and take their checker onto the ‘bar’ located in the middle of the backgammon board. A great recommendation is to try to not leave any checkers alone as to avoid your own checkers from being hit.

If you have a checker piece on the bar, you cannot move anymore checkers until one of the triangles is unoccupied. This is commonly referred to as ‘re-entering’. If you cannot move, then you lose a turn. Keep in mind you would want to make sure you have a clear space in the first quadrant as soon as possible to be able to prepare for setbacks such as these.

Finally, to officially win the game you must have all 15 checkers on the opposite side. To win, you must then try to get your checkers off the board before your opponent does. Once you do, you have successfully won! These are some backgammon tips and tricks that are helpful for all beginners.

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How to Solve a Wooden Pyramid Puzzle: Solution & Video Explanation

It has taken years to assemble the great pyramids of the world, yet here you are attempting to deconstruct wooden pyramid puzzles with a flick of your finger. This guide shows you how to build a wooden pyramid puzzle and solutions to the ball, block and triangle pyramid puzzle!

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The 5 Most Difficult Wooden Puzzles and 3D Brain Teasers for Adults

If you are looking for some mind-bending puzzles and games to wreak havoc amongst your colleagues, friends or even your partner (you mischevious so-and-so); YOU are in the right place.

mars 08, 2018 — Sean Allan

How to Solve Wooden Burr Puzzle | 6 & 12 Piece Burr Puzzle Solution

The Burr puzzle is one that uses interconnected pieces of wood to create a three dimensional item. It can be a fun challenge for both children and adults alike whether they are into puzzles or are looking for something fun to do on a rainy day.

The 6 Piece Wooden Puzzle Solution

The six-piece wooden puzzle is a relatively straightforward puzzle to solve once you see how it gets put together. The first step is to take one of the notched pieces and stand it up so that it looks like the letter E.

The second step is to take another one of the notched pieces and lay it on its side. From there, you connect it with the piece that you stood upright in step one. The third step is to create the left side wall by sliding a piece with a notch at the bottom along the side of the first piece. The bottom notch will connect with a notch in the second piece to keep all three of them together.

Step four is to take a piece that looks identical to the one used in the beginning step. However, it will go in the opposite direction to create another puzzle wall. This means that this piece would look more like the number three when you stand it up.

The fifth step is to repeat the action taken in step three. However, this will act to create a wall on the right side instead of the left. At this point, all four walls should be created, and there should be a gap in the middle.

This gap is where the solid burr will be placed after the other pieces have been assembled. Once the solid burr has been put into place, you have successfully completed the puzzle.

The 12 Piece Wooden Puzzle Solution

With a 12 piece puzzle, the first step is to take two pieces and place them with notches on the left and right facing the sky. From there, you will take two more pieces and lock them into place with the original two pieces. These interlocking pieces will then be stood upright, and they should resemble a pound sign or a hashtag when you do so.

Pieces five and six will be placed into horizontal notches located in the middle of pieces one and two. Pieces seven and eight will then be placed into notches that are located in pieces three and four. Once these pieces are in place, you will have a structure that looks like it has four pillars with a diamond shaped gap on the top of it.

Pieces nine and 10 will interconnect with the notches on the middle of the pillars closest and farthest away from you. From there, the original structure that looked like the hashtag or pound sign will be raised to create two more spaces for the final pieces to be added on.

Piece 11 will be added to the left side of the structure while piece 12 will be added to the right side. Once this has happened, the original four pieces can be lowered back into place. You have now successfully completed the 12-piece wooden puzzle.

There are many different variations of the Burr puzzle available on the market. Furthermore, it may be able to create your own version of the puzzle as a way to impress your friends or kill time. By understanding the concepts behind the puzzle and this Burr puzzle solution, it may be easier to solve any further iterations that you may come across. While most puzzles are available in wood, it may also be possible to make them from plastic or metal, and it may also be possible to make color pieces as well.

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How To Play Pick Up Sticks I Game Rules, Scoring & Instructions

Wondering how to play pick up sticks? A classic game, pick up sticks is sure to delight fans of any age or experience level. In this post you'll learn the rules and scoring, as well as the game's history.

What is pick up sticks and where did it come from?

Pick up sticks history goes back to at least the 1800s, and possibly even farther. Originating in China, pickup sticks has many other names, including jackstraws, spillikins, and mikado, and entails picking up thin wooden sticks one at a time. Straws, matches, ivory, bone, and plastic have also been used. In most versions of the game, the sticks are colored or painted differently to denote different point values. Some people play with a master stick, which can be used to move other sticks out of the way without penalty during the game. Some sets include sticks in different shapes, which can make the game more difficult.

Rules for pick up sticks

Each stick is supposed to be removed without disturbing any of the others. If another stick moves when you pick up a stick, your turn ends and gameplay continues with the next player. Pick up sticks rules vary from region to region, but in every version of the game a player turns end when they disturb another stick. If desired, players can impose a limit on how many sticks can be pulled per turn to ensure fairer gameplay.

How to score in pick up sticks

Pick up sticks can be scored as each one is picked up, or at the end of the game. Each player tallies their score by observing the pattern on the pick up sticks. The pick up sticks point value system is as follows: small blue dashed lines are worth twenty points, large blue-red-blue lines are worth ten points, small red and blue dashed lines are worth five points, large red-green-blue lines are worth three points, and the sticks with only one red line and one blue line are worth two points. The player with the most points wins the game.

How to play pick up sticks

So how do you play pick up sticks? Before you start, you need a set of pick up sticks, and at least one other person to play with. Find a level surface, decide on any variations or rules that you want to employ, and follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the game. Gather the pick up sticks into one hand. Hold them vertically, or perpendicular to the ground, about a few inches above your playing surface. Then drop the sticks and allow them to fall freely.

  1. Gameplay begins. The first player starts picking up sticks, trying not to move any of the other sticks. After a stick is successfully removed, that player attempts to remove another. This continues until he or she moves another stick, or until they have reached the maximum number of sticks allowed to be taken in one turn. If you are scoring after each turn, record the first player's score. Otherwise, proceed to the next player.

  1. The next player then attempts to remove a stick, continuing to remove sticks until another stick is moved or the maximum is reached. Each player continues to take turns.

  1. The game ends either when no sticks remain, or when a player reaches a specific score.

At this point, a winner can be declared, or another round of pick up sticks can begin. There are many variations to the game that can increase difficulty and keep it interesting for many, many plays. For example, try using a retriever hook to pick up the sticks, which can easily be fashioned from a bent paper clip. Make up your own house rules, such as the youngest player going first, or that all players must use their non-dominant hand. Vary the height from which you drop the sticks to create different challenges. There's no end to the fun of pick up sticks!

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How To Play Shut The Box: Game Rules, Strategy & Instructions

Been wondering how to win the shut the box game? Our latest blog teaches you the rules for playing and winning strategy with video instructions included. BUY SHUT THE BOX HERE.

How to Play Shut the Box

How do you play Shut the Box? Here is a rundown of how Shut the Box is played.


  1. You can play alone or with friends. Groups of 2 or 4 people work best.
  2. The box starts with all spaces open.
  3. Players roll to see who goes first. The player with the highest number rolled starts the game.
  4. On their turn, each player rolls and covers the numbered spaces.
  5. The round ends when each player has taken a turn or when a player covers every space on the box.

Shut the Box Rules

At the start of the game, each number space should be uncovered. If playing with a group of people, each person should roll the dice to determine the order the game will be played in. The person who rolls the highest number goes first. Here are detailed Shut the Box game rules:

Each player starts their turn by rolling the dice. The player then adds up the dots facing up on the dice. The player may then choose any combination that makes up the number shown by the dice and covers the number spaces accordingly.

For example, if the player throws a 5 and a 6 on their first roll they would have a total of 11. They may then cover either the 9 and the 2 spaces, the 8 and the 3 spaces, the 7 and the 4 spaces, the 5 and the 6 spaces, the 8, 2, and 1 spaces, the 7, 3, and 1 spaces, the 6, 4, and 1 spaces, or the 6, 3, and 2 spaces.


The player continues to roll and cover spaces until they either roll a number that has no combinations left to cover or they cover every space. The combination of the numbers left uncovered after the turn is over is the player's score.


After every person has had a turn, the player with the lowest score wins. If a player covers all the spaces on their turn then they win immediately and a new round should be started.

Shut the Box Strategy


You should choose your Shut the Box strategy before you begin playing. Here are the basic strategies you can choose from.

  1. Choosing Spaces Randomly

One strategy is to randomly choose a set of spaces that equal the sum of the dice roll to cover. This strategy may work out for you or it may not, it’s random.

  1. Cover the Fewest Spaces

Another strategy is to choose to cover the fewest number of spaces per turn. This strategy gives you more options for future rolls but also increases the risk of having a higher score at the end of your turn.

  1. Cover the Most Spaces

The opposite strategy would be to cover as many spaces as possible per turn. This is a good strategy to use if you are trying to cover the entire box, but it adds the risk of running out of moves early in the game.

How to Win Shut the Box

Now that you know how to play and know the different strategies, here are some tips on how to play better and how to win.

  1. Try to go first. You have an advantage Because you can cover the box completely before anyone else has a turn.

  1. Choose your strategy. You should always have a strategy planned before the game starts. Stick to your strategy and don’t switch strategies part-way through the game.

  1. Cover large numbers first if possible, that way you have a lower score at the end of your turn.

  1. Try to get every space covered. If you can do this, you win automatically.

  1. At the end of the game, if no one covered every space, and if you have the lowest score, you win!

For more wooden puzzle games, check out here!

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