If you are looking for some mind-bending puzzles and games to wreak havoc amongst your colleagues, friends or even your partner (you mischevious so-and-so); YOU are in the right place. At the end of the day, for the newcomer to the world of puzzles, having a literally impossible puzzle isn't much fun - neither is having one that just falls into place as a solution. You want the correct amount of frustration and difficulty combined with the "voila" moment.

So, today - we will outline our top 5 most difficult puzzles for adults... but not so difficult that they will end up in the trash.


(1) Look-a-like: This is a bit of self-indulgence on my part, I love the design of the puzzle and it looks like something out of Star Wars. One thing that is often overlooked, particularly with puzzles is that they NEED to look fantastic. When they are not teasing brains, they need to be complementing office spaces and Look-a-like fits the bill. Furthermore, it is among our most challenging puzzles, 6 identical pieces that need to be pirouetted together.  


(2) Dahlia: We call this beauty Dahlia, a dainty floral style puzzle. You get three pillar cuts and six wings to assemble. Very, very, fidgety. This is among our most popular puzzle, and everyone who meets her has nothing but the kindest words.


(3) Wine Challenge: THE party gift... for adults. If you want to fill your friends with really, really, high-level contempt. This puzzle can keep your wine trapped - so remember to keep a copy of the solution, just in case - you'll actually want a drink of your favorite tipple at some point i am sure.


(4) Brilliant Diamond: Note to self: does not replace an anniversary or birthday gift for the romantically inclined. With that being said, it is tremendous fun. Brilliant not as in sparkly, but for a mind. 



(5) Neutrino: A real firecracker, 6 identical pieces that need to be assembled around the core. Will require a whole bunch of mind and hand coordination. The knotched accents add to the tactility of the design.

März 08, 2018 — Sean Allan



SiamMandalay said:

@John – we’d recommend Asterisk, Double Lock-a-ball or Giant Hidden Passage.

If you need any assistance, drop us an email.

john buddhasiri

john buddhasiri said:

I am searching for the hardest brain teaser puzzle to stump my uncle, hes like a genius and all the puzzles I bought him he solves pretty quickly. Do u have and suggestions and a list of puzzle sol ears to buy? The ones above I will buy he loves the wooden ones and says they are harder to solve vs the wire ones to remove the strings. Please help. Thank u!

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