5 Famous Star Puzzles from SiamMandalay

1. Shooting Star Puzzle

SiamMandalay's Shooting Star puzzle is a classic all-time favorite for everyone. It consists of 6 handcrafted wooden pieces which are not exactly identical. This 2.5" puzzle is not really difficult to be reassembled. If you are looking for a unique gift, This puzzle is perfect for both kids and adults.


2. Asterisk Puzzle

With its unique structure, this eye-catching Asterisk puzzle consists of 24 small wooden pieces! If you pull the right piece, this star will explode. This puzzle will surely create a lot of fun. It will brighten up your office by only placing it on your tabletop.


3. Blooming Star Puzzle

Unlike other star puzzles which is usually 2.5-3", Blooming Star puzzle is 3.5" which makes it firmly fit in your hands. This 3D star puzzle is solid. It is made up of 6 identical pieces which can be assembled to make a star shape.


4. Galactic Puzzle

Born in the space, this Galactic puzzle looks outstanding among all the stars. It is a mechanical interlocking puzzle that will test you genius. Its edges were trimmed carefully by our skillful craftsmen to make sure it will not cause any harm to all puzzle lovers.

5. Pulsar Puzzle

This spinning Pulsar puzzle consists of 6 wooden pieces. Do not be intrigue by its beautiful shape. This puzzle can release electromagnetic radiation that you may find yourself unable to do anything else unless you finish reassembling it! 

März 20, 2019 — Maprang Choosringam

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