Wooden Puzzles for Adults: What Makes Them So Great?

The era of social distancing is upon us. And many of us are geared up for prolonged periods indoors, with our favourite boredom killers.
Usually this constitutes a comforting NetFlix binge and a gallon of ice cream, or at best a book or a jog.
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The Fascinating History of Tic Tac Toe (XOXO)

Tic Tac Toe is known as the world's most popular game. Its also known as one of its simplest, right?
Wrong! There is nothing simple about Tic Tac Toes enchanting history. People at one point believed Tic Tac Toe was so deep, that it held the secrets to the universe.
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Best Puzzles for Teenagers

These days teenagers have about a gazillion things to fixate over. And being frank, not all of them are positive influences. Mobile phones, NetFlix, and online gaming have shown to increase anxiety, decrease attention spans and waste a lot of time.

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The Must-Have Gift Shop Product:

Are you a Gift Shop owner looking to add a new collection to your shop's product mix? 

It's a struggle, we know, trying to find that hit product for the new season. The type of product that will fly off the shelf and into your customer's shopping trolley. 

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The Facts About Washable Face Masks

Learn about why washable face masks are the best type of face masks to wear.  And why they are also great for wearing during flu season.  Shop washable face masks today.
Juni 11, 2020 — Andy Morris

Why Should You Wear A Dust Face Mask?

For many people, the idea of wearing a dust mask will be strange.  Our article guides you through the benefits of wearing a dust face mask.  You can also shop for dust masks.
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How to Make Wearing A Fabric Face Mask Fit Your Lifestyle

Don't let having to wear a face mask cramp your lifestyle!  Our article explains why you should wear a face mask in all parts of your life.  Shop our face mask collection today.
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The Benefits of Wearing Cloth Face Masks

Still not convinced that you should wear a cloth face mask all the time?  We explain the benefits that regular wear can bring to your life.  You can also shop our face mask collection today.
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Disentanglement Puzzles | Wooden Rope and Ring Game Solutions

There is a variety of disentanglement puzzles out there, but what exactly are they and why are they ideal for developing problem-solving skills? We'll explore these questions and more in the following sections, while showcasing the wide range of wooden rope and ring puzzle products on the market, from intricate and tricky remove the rope puzzle arrangements to satisfyingly simple plate-and-ring designs.
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How to Play Go Board Game | Instructions, Rules and Strategies

What is the Game Go?

What is the Game Go

Go board game dates backs 2,500 years ago and is believed to have originated in China. At one time, the game was used to determine the future of Tibet after a Buddhist ruler refused to go to war. It is a game of skill that resembles a Chess game, only that it has different rules and challenges the players’ analytical skills and intuition. This territorial game has a grid of 19x19, though Go for beginners comprises smaller boards of 9x9 and 13x13. There is also a portable form of Go (called Flip it) that easy to bring on a trip. People in the early centuries played on a 17x17 grid, but the 19x19 became the official game by the time it was introduced in Korea and Japan. 


The game has playing pieces called ‘stones’ where one player uses the black stones, and the other uses the black ones. The game kicks off with an empty board where participants take turns to place the stones on various vacant areas on the board. The black stones play first by being placed in the intersections of the lines, and once they have been placed on the board, they are not moved unless captured. Capture happens when a stone is surrounded by opponent’s stones in all the adjacent positions. Players start the game by staking their claims on parts of the board they want to occupy. At the end of the game, the players count the vacant intersections on their territory and add it to the number of stones captured. The player with the larger total becomes the winner.


Why Learn to Play Go?

Why Learn Go

The first reason players learn how to play the game is that it makes a great sport or hobby. The game brings out the different personalities of players while helping them balance defence and attack strategies. Players also recognise their strength and weaknesses, and their ability to respond to changing situations promptly. Most players prefer this game to Chess due to its ability to reward creativity and the fact that it does not need constant memorization and in-depth analysis of the player’s position.


How to Play Go

How to Play Go

The objective of the game is for players to use the stones to form territories by occupying the vacant areas on the board. 


  1. At the beginning of the game, players should consider placing the stones near handicap markers, usually located in the corners of the board. This way, the player is at an advantage of gaining corner positions that help gain territory and are easy to defend. 
  2. Players should only play stones at the edge of the board as they are as easy to capture. Typically, the corner only needs two stones captured while side requires three stones. The open area, however, requires players to seize for stones. 
  3. If looking to occupy an open area, consider building off a stable structure. You get to protect your stones and create a broader base for subsequent moves.
  4. Avoid placing your stones close to your opponent’s. You don’t want to allow them to gain more considerable influence when you are chasing stones.
  5. Avoid placing your stones on your opponent’s territory. You are only providing them with free stones for capture. This strategy works when you are confident of capturing his stones.


Go Board Game Rules

Instructions, Rules and Strategies for Go

  1. The game starts with an empty board unless players agree to place a handicap
  2. Black should always make the first move towards the upper right corner
  3. White makes the second move towards the lower right corner
  4. A player makes a move when he places a stone on a vacant intersection on the board
  5. Players are allowed to pass their turns
  6. Two successive passes bring the game to an end
  7. The player who occupies the most extensive area wins
  8. The player’s area comprises of all the points he has surrounded
  9. A stone should be removed when the enemy occupies adjacent intersections

Go Game Strategies to Win

  1. Keep the Stones Connected


Connecting stones into large groups help players occupy territory fast. For example, a player can use two adjacent stones at the centre of the board to form a group of six to capture the opponent’s stone. Connecting stones make it easier to share liberties.


2. Gain Territory


It is an essential Go strategy for beginners. Experts cite it is more important than capturing your opponent’s stones. Players can gain territory by building walls around the empty intersections on the board.


3. Protect your Stones


Look for ways to protect your stones, and if you don’t have moves to your advantage, you can pass. Keep in mind the more stones you have played, the more points you give to your opponents. If you notice that your opponent is stronger than you and he happens to offer a handicap, accept it.

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12 Facts You Don't Know about Canada - Happy Canada Day!

12 Facts You Don't Know about Canada - Happy Canada Day!

Welcome to Canada, Eh?

In honor of Canada Day on July 1st, we travelled across the world to discover some of the most fascinating facts about the country of Canada. From British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada is full of unique experiences and rich history. Here are 12 of the most interesting facts about Canada!

1. Canada’s national and most popular sport is Ice Hockey.

2. The temperature in Canada ranges from, on average, -30 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius.

3. Although Canada is a bilingual country, the province of Quebec is the only place that speaks primarily French.

4. Niagara Falls boarders Canada and the United States and is the 9th largest waterfall in the world.

5.Canada has the second largest land mass in the world behind Russia.

6. Snow skiing and snowboarding are popular activities in the winter months.

7. Canada was the 1st country to pass a national multiculturalism law. Immigrants now represent 20% of the country’s population.

8. The national animals of Canada include the beaver, goose, moose, and polar bear.

9. In Canada, the driver of a car sits on the left side.

10. The population in Canada is just over 37 million people, with approximately 2.7 million people living in Toronto, Ontario

11. The most common Canadian cuisine includes maple syrup, bacon, and poutine (crispy French fries with gravy and cheese curds).

12. The most famous Canadian artists include Justin Bieber, Drake, and Shania Twain.


Written by: Daniela Hofland, Max Levy

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How Do You Play Dominoes: Rules, Scoring & Strategy to Win

What are Dominoes?

The game of dominoes has existed for hundreds of years, having been mentioned in documents from 13th century China. The game is played with a set of rectangular tiles or dominoes. These will be plain or decorated on one face, and on the other face, they will have two sets of spots, or 'pips'. The length of a tile is normally double its width, and they are made thick enough to stand on their side for those who enjoy making a pattern and watching the dominoes fall in succession.

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