Wine Bottle Puzzle Solution I Wooden Wine Puzzle Instructions

Do you want to know how to solve the wine challenge puzzle, so you don't break the bottle? Check out our easy-to-follow instruction guide and solution video.

Wine Bottle Puzzle Components

First off, let’s look at the components of this puzzle and name some of the parts so this wooden wine bottle puzzle solution will hopefully make a little more sense. The two most important pieces of this puzzle are the string with two different sized round beads and a small wooden square and the horizontally positioned rectangle with the slot cut into it. We will refer to this piece as the “horizontal piece” even though successful completion of this puzzle means this piece won’t stay horizontal for very long. The string with the beads and the square on the end will simply be called the string. This string of beads with the small square is attached to the horizontal piece. This horizontal piece and the attached string are the keys to the wine bottle puzzle solution.

The final important piece of the puzzle is the vertical piece with the circle cut out of it. It is a stationary piece. It doesn't move around. This piece is mounted to the top of the puzzle, the piece that is over the top of the bottle, and every other moving part of this lock is built upon it.

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Wine Bottle Puzzle Instructions

Now that we have labeled the important parts, you will want to make sure the puzzle is facing you. Make sure the square end of the string is on the left, the round beads on the right. Let’s get started with the wine bottle puzzle instructions!

Step One

The first thing you need to do is push the wooden square through the horizontal slotted piece of the lock mechanism, from bottom to top. The little wooden bead will stop the string from going much further.

Step Two

For the next step, you will need to push the smaller round bead and the horizontal piece through the vertical slotted piece, from left to right, all while holding the small square on top, out of the way. In order to do this successfully, you will need to push the smaller bead and the horizontal piece through the vertical slotted piece at almost the same time. This isn't as complicated as it sounds. Starting with the round bead and following it through with the horizontal piece is the best way to accomplish this step. Both pieces will go through the vertical slot until it is stopped by the square piece at the end of the string.

Step Three

Once you have the small round bead and what was once the horizontal piece free, you will need to turn the horizontal piece (although we know it isn't positioned horizontally anymore) so the end with the string through it is at the top, with the flat side facing you. This piece should slide over the vertical piece. Both beads will be to the right of the mechanism with the square piece on the left side.

Step Four

Almost there! At this point in solving the puzzle, the small round bead needs to pass through the cutout circle in the vertical piece of the mechanism, from right to left, all in front of the horizontal piece. Once this is accomplished, the rectangle slotted piece with the string and beads attached should slide completely off of the lock mechanism, freeing up your bottle of wine.

Congratulations! You solved the puzzle. You saved the party. You earned your glass of wine!

Wine bottle puzzle appears to be very challenging when it comes to strategy game for adults. But don’t lose hope! With this wooden wine bottle puzzle solution guide, you can wow your friends and become the hero of the party.