Personalized Puzzles & Corporate Gifts from SiamMandalay

Personalized Puzzles & Corporate Gifts

A precocious collection of handcrafted puzzles – to be personalized, labeled and branded to your specifications. We specialize in combining our long-standing, handcrafted designs with premier, state-of-the-art laser engraving tech.

Uniting the mastery of time-honored craft traditions with cutting edge technology – never compromising or cutting corners is the SiamMandalay way.

Personal Gifting

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind birthday gift for your friends or family, why not get one of the SiamMandalay pieces engraved with a message, name or symbols.

Our heirloom quality puzzles and games create a timeless memento for birthdays, Christmas’, graduations  and more. Laser engraving technology is so efficient, offering the opportunity for piece by piece pricing – which can be made for as little as $2, retail.

Corporate Gifts

For enterprises big and small, mom and pop shops to major corporations, our service allows you to create remarkable, unique corporate gifts for your show-piece event or client giveaways.

Applying the most progressive precision laser technology, SiamMandalay creates signature gifts for you, adding distinction and personalization to each piece. Laser engraving is tailored to corporate gift and wholesale patrons, however on special request we are open to retail orders also.

Laser engraving ensures the piece will be a lasting advert and promotion, laser engraving is permanent and doesn’t degrade the surface or deteriorate in time.

Your branding will last for as long as the puzzles a constant reminder of your event or company.

SiamMandalay laser engraving gives you full control to develop your very own puzzles, complete with corporate message, logo and branding. We develop pronounced and detailed laser engraving – no matter the intricacy. Laser engraving produces a mark that is crisp, clean and permanent.

One of the beauty of puzzles is that they are tactile, they demand to be touched, picked up and played with. Whether on an office desk or living room table, one thing is for sure they are going to be handled by and looked upon with countless eyes.

Creatively, laser engraving is multi-faceted, you are only limited by your artistic boundaries or imagination. The profound detail and execution of hi-tech laser engraving lets us manipulate our materials precisely – the possibilities are virtually limitless. The only requirement is that we receive a high resolution image; the clearer the image, the clearer the end result.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic as policy, SiamMandalay stays clear of the inferior results provided by ink marks, heat transfers, synthetics and toxic glues. We take pride in being fair on workers, fair on people and fair on Mother Nature.

Usually, we try to keep all our processes as green as possible, and strive to stay away from generic factory manufacture; instead focusing on handiwork – but the benefits of laser engraving technology is just too profound.

Traditional engraving is time consuming, especially when made by hand – laser engraving can be done in seconds. When compared to conventional methods and we can expect a turnaround time of 24 hours depending on the production line. This means that you can get your custom puzzles delivered promptly. 

Shorter production times also means less wear and tear, there are also no tool bits meaning less replacements and less manpower – luckily, we can filter all the glorious savings down to you, the customer.

The original laser engraving machines were heavy, cumbersome and unreliable – they were also costly to maintain. Today, all they seem to is cut costs, time and man hours. They are exceptionally versatile, engraving any surface with crisp, clean lines.