How to Solve a Wooden Pyramid Puzzle: Solution & Video Explanation

It has taken years to assemble the great pyramids of the world, yet here you are attempting to deconstruct wooden pyramid puzzles with a flick of your finger. This guide shows you how to build a wooden pyramid puzzle and solutions to the ball, block and triangle pyramid puzzle!

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Follow our solution steps

First identify and label each of the six puzzle pieces A, B(x2), C, D and E. The straight three-ball piece we will call A. There are two triangular three-ball pieces that we will call B1 and B2. The four-ball piece that contains a straight section of three we will call C. The curved three-ball piece we will call D. Finally, the diamond-shaped four-ball piece we will call E.

Begin by placing piece flat at one of the corners of the board. The piece should lie in the corner and occupy the two bordering spaces from the corner and the center space of the board. Next take B1 and lie it flat in the triangular space to the left of piece E.

At this point, the board should have an open triangle above a row of three and four balls lying flat. Take piece and place one end into the bottom left side of that open triangle in the open space bordering the top of B1. Allow the end of the piece to lie on top of pieces E and B1 where they touch.

Take piece and lay the bottom two balls of that piece into the last two open spaces so the straight portion extends towards the top of the pyramid, resting against piece D. Add piece B2 standing upright so that the bottom rests on top of piece E and the part of piece on the base. Finally, place piece A vertically in the open space left to complete this wooden pyramid solution.

Now, it’s time to remove the wooden balls from the base and then try to reconstruct the pyramid back together.

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Block Wooden Pyramid Puzzle Solution

Follow our solution steps

Let's begin again by describing and labeling each of the Block pyramid puzzle pieces. Piece A will be the one with a small cube offset on top of a long rectangular prism. Piece B is the c-shaped block made from two cubes and a rectangular prism. Piece C looks similar to piece A but with a shorter prism and extra extension below the cube portion. Piece D will be the one comprised of four cubes. Piece E is a made from two rectangular prisms stacked above and below a cube. Piece F has two cubes stacked vertically on top of a cube and a rectangular prism. Lastly, piece G is the box the entire pyramid will sit inside once complete.

Begin by taking pieces A and laying it flat so that the long prism is flat with the cube on top of it with the overhang towards the middle of the pyramid. Place piece B lying flat with the c-shape facing inward. The back edge of piece B should be flush with the end of piece A away from the cube side. Next place piece C into the open space of piece B so that piece C's cube faces away from piece A. Slide piece D into place in front of C so that its bottom portion rests against the outside of piece B. Bring piece E into the remaining space between A and C. Finally, add piece F by sliding its base on top of where A and B touch. Place the entire structure into piece G and the pyramid is complete!

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Triangle Wooden Pyramid Puzzle Solution

Follow our solution steps

For the final how to build this Triangle wooden pyramid puzzle, we again must identify the puzzle parts. There are six small triangular pyramids we will call the A pieces. There are three larger pyramids with square bases we will call the B pieces. There are 5 slanted wedge shapes we will call the C pieces. The large base unit is piece D, and the open triangular ring is piece E.

Begin by taking three of the A pieces and place them inside piece D so that each triangle has an edge flush with a middle wall of the base and so their points meet in the center.

Place a B piece with its point down toward the middle of the base in between two of the A pieces. The square base of the B piece should be tilted up and towards the corners of D. Repeat with the other two B pieces.

Place one C piece into each corner of D leaning against the B pieces. Place the remaining A pieces on top of the flat triangles of the C pieces.

Slide one C piece pointed down into the open space and then other C piece inverted on top of it pointed up forming the pyramid. Place piece E over the top to complete the puzzle.