12 Fun Holiday Gifts for Board Game and Puzzle Lovers

5 Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

1. Wine Bottle Puzzle

Wine Bottle Puzzle

As an enthusiast of puzzles, there is nothing more exciting than encountering a challenging puzzle that can unlock your way into enjoying a brilliant brain teaser. How great can it be to lock a bottle of wine in a puzzle box that can only be opened by creativity and imagination? Well, a wine bottle puzzle creates this kind of unique experience.

To make the experience fun, you can have your family or friends wrestle with the puzzle. Sitting back because you have the solution makes the fellowship with friends and family more exciting. Once someone creatively hacks the puzzle, it will be a delight for the whole team and yourself to enjoy the spoils of the win. A wooden wine puzzle is a great gift anytime you want to offer a wine bottle to your esteemed clients, family, or friends.

Wine Challenge

2. Wooden Powder Keg Puzzle

Wooden Powder Keg Puzzle

A wooden Powder keg puzzle is a simple yet elegant gift you can offer a loved one. The puzzle contains different handcrafted pieces that fit into one piece when they are assembled together. The wooden puzzle is made from sustainably harvested wood to offer a great challenge to anyone who delights in a tough puzzle. This gift is great for a single player who likes to play with interlocking games.

The goal of the powder keg is to take it all apart and put it back together. In ancient China, minerals were used for medicine, until one of the minerals was used to create gunpowder. This began the development of weapons, rockets, and ballistics. The powder keg puzzle will help you to be creative to develop your secret weapon.

3. Brilliant Diamond Interlock

Brilliant Diamond Interlock

The diamond interlock puzzle is one of the best gifts for puzzle lovers because it can help you stay occupied in your free time. If you are stressed, you can also keep your mind focused on it to stay calm and collected. To solve this brilliant puzzle, you need to be skilled and patient. If you harness these two tools, you can enjoy assembling the pieces together many more times.

Since the game is handcrafted and can be played in coffee shops and even cafes, you can easily attract a conversation with a stranger while you are struggling with the puzzle.

Although the wooden brain puzzle is not even close to a diamond ring, a puzzle enthusiast will fall in love with the challenge it offers. This is not an easy puzzle to crack, you will exercise your fingers, develop intelligence and grow more patient.

4. Ancient Key

Ancient Cube

This is a deck ornament that is a great addition in your office as much as it is among the best puzzle gifts. The handmade wooden puzzle is designed to be an assembly of 7 pieces of polycubes, where each polycube mounts on another piece using pins to form the ancient key. Your task is to find the ancient key to unlock the cube. The cube has difficulty levels just like the other puzzles we have looked at. The ancient key puzzle will help you to improve your mental capabilities.

5. Serpent Cube PuzzleAncient Cube

Gifts for Board Game Lovers

1. Chess

In Chess, two players engage in a board game that has 64 squares, with 16 white pieces for one player, and 16 black pieces for the other player.

The goal of chess is to get the opponent’s king. Since capturing the king is offensive, a player always makes a ‘check’ move. This makes the opposite player move the king to get out of check.

This is an interesting game that engages the mind.


2. Monopoly

This is a board game that is played by 2 to 8 players.

The objective of Monopoly is for a player to own lots of lands and to become the richest player in the game. Although the rules of all Monopoly editions are the same, there are alternative rules that can be formulated. For example, players can agree that landing on the “Go” will allow you to collect $400 instead of $200.

3. Scrabble

In Scrabble, a maximum of 4 players can enjoy the game. As a player, your objective is to score more points as you place words on the board. Scrabble is one of the best board games where each word carries a value. It is a fun game to play with your family and friends. You can gain points in various ways, through a double letter, triple word, double word, and other types of word combinations.

4. Risk

The main objective of playing Risk is to conquer the world by eliminating your opponents and taking over all the territories. On the battles you engage on, you need to plan and make bold moves by being quick at decision making. You need to plan your attack and defences wisely against your enemies.


5. Settlers of Catan

This game is a combination of managing resources and strategy. To earn victory points, you need to use the correct materials to build roads and houses. The luck that the dice brings in while you play will play a role in the resources you will get to build roads and settlements. You will then be able to purchase special cards or other materials for your building projects.

6. Clue

If you are interested in playing a detective series board game, then Clue is a great choice. 3 to 6 players are tasked to figure out 3 aspects of a murder: the murder weapon, the location, and the murderer. Each player does this by moving their characters around the mansion to gather evidence.

Settler of Catan

7. Ticket to Ride

In this game, players collect cards of different train cars and then use them to claim North American railway routes. To earn points, you have to take longer routes. You can get extra points when you fulfil goal cards or destination tickets that connect cities. Players who build the longest routes also earn more points.

Settler of Catan