Why Should You Wear A Dust Face Mask?

For many countries, wearing a dust face mask is normal.

And it isn’t because of COVID-19.

In many countries, such as Asia, wearing a dust face mask can help against smog and pollution.

So, it’s normal to wear a dust face mask for the protective benefits.

In the West many countries are not used to wearing face masks.

But with the rise of COVID-19, people are realizing the benefits of wearing dust face masks.

One such benefit is to prevent against allergies.  In the UK in the Summer, when the pollen level is high, people get sick.

But wearing a dust face mask during this time can help prevent this.  Protection comes from the absorbency of the face mask and its inner layers.

Its breathable inner layers you can breathe easy.  You get protection from breathing in tiny airborne molecules that may be harmful.

And being able to add your own filter is an extra benefit.

So, there’s actually benefits to wearing dust face mask on a regular basis.

It’s All About the Inner Layers

It’s the inner layers of your dust face mask and its material that protects you.  When choosing a dust face mask, pick one that is absorbent and made from breathable material.

It has to be breathable material because you want to be comfortable wearing it for long periods.  Cotton Muslin is a great material for inner layers for your dust face mask.  

As an added benefit you should look for a dust face mask that lets you add your own filter.  When you add your own filter make sure it is a PM2.5 one.  This filter gives you added protection against harmful molecules in the air.

It Won’t Impact Your Life

People are reluctant to wear a dust face mask because they think it will disrupt their life.  You can wear a dust face mask at work, out and about and even exercising.

With so many different styles and patterns, you can find a dust face mask that suits any of your outfits.  Wearing a dust face mask won’t break the bank either.

You can choose to buy boxes of disposable face masks.   Or you can invest in something more long-term and get a reusable and washable one.

Making sure that your dust face mask is reusable means that it will last you longer.   For added comfort you might want to invest also in a dust face mask that is adjustable.

This is because many dust face masks are not adjustable.  And because each face size is different, certain dust face masks on the market can be painful to wear.

That’s because the elastic straps of the mask can be too tight and cut into the side of your head.  Adjustable dust face masks give you greater control of how it fits.  This makes it more comfortable which is great for wearing when you are exercising.

Wearing It Helps Keep You Safe

Preliminary research suggests protection from COVID-19.  That means that there may be a slight benefit to wearing dust face masks.  But nobody has proven this properly.

That still doesn’t neglect the fact that wearing dust face masks protects you from:

  • Allergies
  • Getting sick
  • Smog
  • Pollution
  • Dust and other irritants

So, the question is, why haven’t you started to wear a dust face mask yet if you aren’t already? 

Buy from SiamMandalay today

If you want a dust face mask that will last you a long time, go for a washable one.  It may not be the snuggest on your face, but it will last you and save you money.

If you want a dust face mask that prioritizes comfort, then go for an adjustable face mask.  If you have found face masks to be too tight on your face in the past, then an adjustable face mask may be the way to go.

Both types of dust face mask are breathable.  With extras layers to protect you from germs.  And both types can also support extra filters for added protection.

Picking either of these is a step up over disposable face masks.  And because more of us are now having to wear a face mask everyday it makes sense to pick one that is safe and secure.

We sell a range of dust face masks that are adjustable or washable.  The washable face masks come in three styles. Plain color, thin stripes and thick stripes.

Each dust face mask is made from 100% cotton, with three layers of protection. 

The first layer is the 100% cotton exterior of the fabric face mask. Layer 2 is a cotton muslin interior. Layer 3 is the optional protective insert for your air filter. Layer 4 is the outer layer that is rests against your mouth.

Made from cotton muslin it allows you to breathe and blocks microscopic particles. If you have not yet got a dust face mask yet, get one from the Cloth Face Mask Store, a company you can trust. 

Please note that our dust face masks are not medical grade.