The Must-Have Gift Shop Product:

Are you a Gift Shop owner looking to add a new collection to your shop's product mix? 

It's a struggle, we know, trying to find that hit product for the new season.

The type of product that will fly off the shelf and into your customer's shopping trolley. And even if you find that winner you still need to worry about quality, shipping times, margins, and having a supplier you can actually trust.

How about an evergreen, tactile, and personalized product - that comes with a lifetime guarantee and offers 100%+ margins

Not only that, but can it also be shipped door-to-door in 10 days, all year round? 

Sounds a bit too good to be true, right?


We are SiamMandalay and we know a thing or two about giftware. Actually, we've been supporting gift shops like yours for 25 years. In those 25 years we found a little secret....

The hottest selling gift-shop items follow some characteristics:

1. Personalisation: Not tacky "World's Best Chef" dinner plates type of personalisation. Real personalisation: engraved logos, messages and packaging. Offer a souvenir that is unique to you and your store.

2. Tactility: Impulsively they need to be touched and played with. Handheld - going straight from the Point of Sale area into a shopping bag.

3. Eye-catching Quirk: Well, in order to be touched, it also needs to be seen. Something that captures that attention and wrestles out the customer's purse.

4. Quality: No more factory-produced souvenir tat. Aspire for long-lasting items that make thoughtful gifts.

5. Be Aspirational: When people give gifts, they say something about the buyer. What do your products say? 

These 5 points are critical to the success of a product. 

So critical that all our products meet every single one of the characteristics. We made it that way.

We don't fall into trends, actually, we simply don't believe in them. Fads are a Gift Store owner's nightmare - imagine trying to get rid of 1000 fidgets spinners?

You still have those Beanie Babies from the 90s...

What SiamMandalay offer is peace of mind, we take the stress out of wholesale purchasing souvenirs by ensuring all our products follow our success recipe.

By offering timeless classic designs, evergreen souvenirs that can be sold all year round, anywhere in the world, we remove the risk and nuance.

If a partnership with us sounds interesting to you, let us know.