The Benefits of Wearing Cloth Face Masks

For many people, wearing a cloth face mask may be a new thing.

Lots of people after all may not usually wear cloth face masks, but now have no other choice when going outside.

Depending on who people speak to, wearing cloth face masks may help you or hinder you.

In truth, the answer to the question: 'is it beneficial to wear a cloth face mask?' really depends on you.  

For many who may not wear a cloth face mask, they may be pleasantly surprised by the long-term health benefits.


Wearing a cloth face mask whilst out in public will protect you from others if you are sick.

This is because the cloth face mask you wear acts as a barrier and stops the germ particles spreading.  Your cloth face mask absorbs these particles that you cannot see.  So, people around you aren't breathing in these particles and getting sick.

From the perspective of this article writer, wearing a cloth face mask was something I never used to do.  It was only when I moved to a country with a high level of pollution that I started to wear one all the time.

And I hated it.

I felt that the cloth face mask stopped me from breathing.  I also didn't like having to remember to carry it everywhere with me.

I imagine many other people feel like I did right now.

But the more I wore it, the more I got comfortable to wearing it.

I also noticed that, unlike in the past when I would get sick lots, wearing the cloth  face mask stopped me from getting sick.

That could only have applied to me though.  

Of course, if you suffer from allergies then you should consider wearing a cloth face mask all the time.

Doing this can help you to be less affected from pollen or other irritants in the air.

Wearing a cloth face mask indoors can also help you if you are allergic to indoor allergies.  

This can include pets, dust mites, mice and cockroaches.


Wearing a cloth face mask is also good for you based on certain professions. Healthcare workers will always need to wear a cloth face mask.  So will people who work with toxic substances in the air.  

This can include both painters and plasterers as an example.  It also includes other jobs where the chance of inhaling toxic fumes is high in that line of work.

So, does that mean that you should wear a cloth face mask sat in an office at a desk?


This is because you are protecting yourself from getting sick from others.

If you find that you are always getting sick from being a work, try wearing a cloth face mask and see if you notice a difference.

Of course, now that we are all working from home, we should also wear a cloth face mask.  This helps keep us and our loved ones around us safe and prevents sickness.


Wearing a cloth face mask whilst you are going to and from work is also recommended.  It helps you to not breathe in pollutants in the air that come from cars, factories and so on.

Wearing a cloth face mask when out in public in a public space, like a supermarket, helps stop you from getting sick.

Also, if you are sick, wearing a cloth face mask helps prevent others from getting sick from you.

So, wearing a cloth face mask is a win for everyone.


Discover the benefits of wearing a cloth face mask for yourself.

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Please note that our cloth face masks are not medical grade.