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Balancing Rocks w/ Cotton Bag


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Balancing stones - natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic wooden toy which will be suitable for any age, from toddler to adults. Suitable both as a toy decoration for home/nursery/office.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese game of stone balancing - "Tum Ishi" is Japanese for piled stones. We have all seen the meditative images of stones piled-up on top of each other.

This handsome indoor version of this ancient art that is hand-carved on handsome acacia wood. Whittled by artisans and polished by an organic wax.

12 balancing rocks, measuring between 1" and 4" in length and 1.5" in width.

  • HAND EYE COORDINATION: Hand-eye coordination is the ability to take sensory input from the eyes and translate it to motions with the hands in order to navigate the world. This skill is essential to many daily life activities that your child will need to participate in as an adult.

  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Fine motor skills are the small, fine-tuned movements we use to participate in more complex activities like writing, using silverware, and stacking blocks.

  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: They’re practicing problem-solving skills and contributing to their cognitive development by stretching their brain.