How do you play checkers.

What is Checkers Game 

Checkers game is one of the most strategy games played universally. Learning what is checkers game is imperative when you’re trying to learn to play checkers. Checkers is a two-player tabletop board game, sometimes referred to as English Draughts, which is similar to games that have been around for thousands of years. In fact, game boards resembling modern checkers boards have been discovered by archaeologists unearthing remains in Ur and have been dated back to 3,000 B.C. References to these games can be found in the writings of Plato, Homer, and Queen Hatasu.

Checkers Game Setup

Now that you know what it is, here’s how to play checkers game. Opposing players sit at opposite ends of the table and each has either dark pieces or light pieces. The standard board is a 10x10 grid of squares of alternating colours of dark and light, but the pieces only occupy the dark squares. Additional board sizes are available in different variations of the game, but the 10x10 is the most common. Each player has 20 game pieces that are typically a circular disk.


Rules for Playing Checkers (subheading)

Checkers rules are quite simple, but what are the rules of checkers? Here’s a list.

  1. The two players alternate turns and can only move their own pieces.
  2. The dark squares are the only ones that may be occupied on the board. The light squares must remain empty.
  3. Each turn involves the moving of one piece, which can consist of a piece moving forward to a diagonally adjacent square that is unoccupied, or jumping forward over an occupied diagonally adjacent square, provided that the square beyond is also empty.
  4. If a player jumps over their opponent’s piece, they have successfully captured that piece and it is removed from the game.
  5. Each piece is initially referred to as a man, but if it reaches the furthest side of the board it becomes a king. When this happens, the player stacks an additional piece on top of the original to signify the change.
  6. Men may only move forward, but kings can move diagonally forwards as well as backwards.
  7. Multiple pieces maybe jumped by both men and kings provided that there are successive unoccupied squares beyond each piece that is jumped.

How Do You Win Checkers Game (subheading)

Now that you know the setup and the rules, here are some general strategies on how to win checkers. These strategies won’t tell you how to always win at checkers, but they will often times work.

The game is won by either capturing all of your opponent’s pieces, or trapping their pieces disallowing them to make any more moves. The majority of strategies involve the first goal, but the latter is sometimes achieved.

  1. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice pieces if doing so gives you an advantage.
  2. Controlling the centre of the board is advantageous.
  3. Maintaining your pieces on the back row of your game board will prevent your opponent from gaining any king pieces.
  4. Moving your pieces forward in groups strengthens them.
  5. When you’re in the lead during a game, sacrificing one of your own pieces for your opponents is beneficial for you.
  6. Focus on gaining as many king pieces as possible.

Where to Buy Checkers Game (subheading)

Now that you know so much about this fun game you probably want to know where to buy checkers game and where to buy the best checkers game. Due to its immense popularity, checkers boards are sold worldwide. Department stores, game stores, and even convenience stores are a good place to look for simple setups. If you’re looking for a higher quality set though, you may decide to buy wooden checkers game online.



November 14, 2018 — Sean Allan



SiamMandalay said:

@Akay – you take it from one of the already taken pieces, off the board.


SiamMandalay said:

@sam – practice, practice, practice. :)


Akay said:

The piece you place on an original one when it becomes king, would it be any piece from the game being played already or a different piece from somewhere else?


sam said:

can you give me more ways to beat my opponent [dad]


SiamMandalay said:

@queen_nari – Once you have made a move and taken your hand off the piece, technically you can’t move it back.


Queen_nari said:

are you allowed to move your piece from the spot where you first put it if you already had it yes or no?


SIamMandalay said:

@Peter – you must jump your opponent.

@Carl – not sure about trick moves, but mostly set up moves where you take 2 and 3 pieces and lose 1 or 2.

@MS – there is different sizes and variations.


MS said:

each player has 20 pieces or 12 ?
(and then one of the pictures shows 15?)


Carl said:

what are some trick moves you can make? I have some in mind but I am not sure they are with in the rules


Peter said:

What is the penalty for not jumping an opponent when you can


SiamMandalay said:

Yes, typically you must jump your opponent. This is a good strategy for non-beginner players.


Eedo said:

Ya if you can eat someone do you actually have to do it


Joe said:

Don’t you have to jump your oppenet when given that opportunity?

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