Thank You from SiamMandalay
Thank you from SiamMandalay – for all your support over the Christmas period, your assistance has directly influenced the lives of 30 rural Thai children for the better.

As many of you are aware SiamMandalay were working in collaboration with a small Thai orphanage called Baan Dek Dee – helping them to build a new facility – you can read more about the project in the preceding links:

The larger ambition of the project was to help Baan Dek Dee acquire some land and build a property to satisfy foundation protocol. Although this wider goal remains, progress has stalled somewhat as Manop seeks assistance from larger backers and donors. As you can imagine, when dealing with 30 children, new obstacles and priorities emerge from nowhere - your aspirations are constantly in flux.

Somewhat inevitably, Manop’s focus has been diverted a little, and out of necessity his attention over the past few months has extended towards the construction of a new bathroom for the children. With your help we have managed to purchase electrical cables, lights, fuse boxes and other electrical equipment to make sure the bathroom is functional. We also bought wholesale quantities of necessities like rice and soap.

SiamMandalay’s VP of Business Development, Joe Milman, was kind enough to join us on our visit to Baan Dek Dee – excited by the prospect of assisting the Baan Dek Dee children with their homework and making his own personal donation on behalf of his young children. Below is a picture of Joe helping the children with their homework after school.

The children are always keen to sharpen their English and delighted to meet new guests and make new friends. If you would like to help with Baan Dek Dee you can contact them here:

The bathroom, may not look like much - for all intents and purposes it’s a shed, but to the Children of Baan Dek Dek Dee it means the world.

The men in the photo are part of the local army barracks who have offered to volunteer for all the labor work and construction – which is lucky for Manop as looking after children and building a bathroom simultaneously is an uphill battle. All Manop has to do this time is provide the material and give instruction.

This type of volunteering is nestled in the very heart of Thai culture, many people are poor in finance but rich in heart – there exists a culture of giving – which manifests itself in kind acts such as this.

Thank you once again for your continued support and patronage at We are sincerely grateful for assisting us with this project.

If you would like to contribute to Baan Dek Dee and assist with anything from school fees to a small donation you can contact Manop at the Baan Dek Dee official website.

Februar 24, 2016 — Sean Allan

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